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PIN / TAN mailers

From almost 2 decades Maags.pl is earning a respected reputation as the foremost supplier of operational print for banks, especially statements and confidential data mailers. Our main product - PIN and TAN mailers - we sold in over 50 mln volume.

Plastic cards

We produce and offer plastic cards in ISO 7810 Id1 standard. Bank Cards, member cards, loyality cards – this are only few areas where our cards are used. If you need tailored solution in those fields, please contact us.


Selfmailers are a simple and secure way to run a hassle-free confidential mailing. Payslip, statements or GDPR sensitive data - generate your mail fast and cheap in a confidential and professional manner.


We have high production capability.We offer many printing techniques, spread across multiple european sites, what makes us reliable supplier of printing goods.
"On time, on place - for sure" – that's our motto.

Fintech solutions

Fintech is developing very quickly. It is opportunity for new providers to enter the market with wide offer of banking and financial products. We offer solutions for fintech companies. If you need some exclusive solution - you are welcome !


Want to avoid unnecessary costs? Let us handle fulfillment. We provide services include production, on-demand distribution and pick & pack (with cooperating boodies) - everything in one place, in one hands – you take care of your part !


PIN and TAN mailers




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